Bringing Malaysian Contemporary Art To The World

The first generation and many seminal works of Malaysia’s foremost artists, carefully curated and collected over the last 25 years

About the AFK collection

The AFK Collection is a collection of the first generation works of Malaysian contemporary artists. Initiated in the mid 1990’s by Aliya and Farouk Khan, the collection is dedicated to the collection, preservation and documentation of the artworks that mark when the contemporary art movement began to grow in Malaysia.

Critical in quality, and encompassing all genres, mediums and forms of art produced from 1980 to the present, the collection is recognised as a watershed moment for contemporary art both in Malaysia and the wider region of Southeast Asia. Indeed, it was subsequent to the development of the AFK Collection that a contemporary Malaysian art ecology was solidified. As the AFK Collection grew, the curatorial narrative underpinning the collection became increasingly visible, and evolved into a drive to preserve this narrative and contemporary artworks for posterity.


The Art

Art is a finite resource, and the AFK Collection comprises over 1,000 unique artworks that are impossible to recreate. Together, they encompass the majority of museum quality artworks which have come to define Malaysia’s art history.


Malaysia’s Foremost Contemporary Artists

Including over 100 of the country’s foremost contemporary artists, the AFK Collection has been actively curated through collaboration with artists, curators and critics - all of whom have an intimate knowledge of the Malaysian art ecology.