Negaraku: Nationalism & Patriotism in Malaysia Contemporary Art

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The festival, held for 3 months starting from June 2010, was an initiative by the Tourism Ministry and the AFK Collection to boost the development of the Malaysian contemporary art scene. Among the key highlights of the 1MCAT festival was the display of the AFK Collection in Sri Perdana, Kuala Lumpur and in the Malacca State Museum, as well as several exciting and vibrant works by some of the best internationally-acclaimed Malaysian artists, both young and established ones such as Abdul Multhalib Musa, who is regarded as one of Malaysia's leading contemporary sculptors; Fauzan Omar; Anuar Rashid; abstract expressionist Yusoff Ghani; Eng Hwee Chu; visual artist/writer A. Jegadeva; and many more.


1Malaysia Contemporary Art Show (MCAT) - 2010