The first AFK Book

In 2009, Aliya and Farouk Khan released a publication on their collection, titled ‘Malaysian Contemporary Art: The Aliya and Farouk Khan Collection’. Ambitious in physical and conceptual scale, the publication was a catalogue d’raison of the collection, with accompanying critical articles by Peter Frank, Safrizal Shahir and Farouk Khan. ‘Malaysian Contemporary Art: The Aliya and Farouk Khan Collection’ announced the strong desire by The AFK Collection to intellectually contribute to Malaysia’s contemporary art movement, to widely share existing knowledge and to produce new knowledge. The book not only featured all the artworks housed in the collection until the date of its 2009 publication, but also brought prominence to the artists whose works had been acquired through a selection of biographies and CVs, as well as profile photos of all the artists. This introduced the contemporary artists to the wider public, and allowed audiences to begin to get to know the individuals responsible for the critical and intellectual segment of Malaysia’s contemporary art movement.

Aliya and Farouk Khan’s Art Collection By: Safrizal Shahir