Debunking The Myth XL Book

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Debunking the Myth XL was a sequel exhibition to Debunking the Myth. The exhibition was held at Artcube Gallery and  supported by a publication and critical essay. It continued examining the history of figurative art in Malaysia through a series of monumental canvases. As Malaysian contemporary artists have a penchant for working on extremely large canvases, Debunking the Myth XL demonstrated this impulse through the lens of figurative art. Concurrently the production of sizeable portraits and figurative artworks demonstrated allowed for the local contemporary artists’ technical skills to come to the fore. As with Debunking the Myth, Debunking the Myth XL emphasised the value of The AFK Collection for Malaysian art history as a vast resource to draw on for research and production of new knowledge, through the number of seminal artworks contained.